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The 2017 SNFR will be held October 2 - 7, in Panguitch, UT.




If you ordered a jacket, and then did not enter the finals, you can purchase the jacket for $80 if someone picks it up for you in Panguitch, or for $90 if it is mailed from Wickenburg after the finals. 


2017 SNFR Personnel and Stock Contracts 

  • Secretary - Pat Stouffer
  • Timers - Karen Kissel and Candi Williams
  • Judges - John Kissel and John South
  • Announcer - Lee Daggatt
  • Photographer - WT Bruce
  • Rough Stock - W/A Rodeos
  • Calves - Manerd Bird
  • Team Roping Steers - Zane Dansie
  • Steer Wrestling Steers - Jace Honey


Eligibility and Qualifying for the SNFR

You must compete at 5 NSPRA rodeos to be eligible to enter the finals. (Canadian rodeos do not count towards the 5 rodeo rule). The top 7 contestants in each region will qualify for the finals and will be awarded points based upon their regional ranking as follows: 1st 120 pts, 2nd 100 pts, 3rd 80 pts, 4th 60 pts, 5th 40 pts, 6th 20 pts, 7th 0 pts. At the SNFR, round winners will be awarded points as follows: 1st 60 pts, 2nd 50 pts, 3rd 40 pts, 4th 30 pts, 5th 20 pts, 6th 10 pts.

If a SNFR qualifier is unable to compete at the finals, or if they qualify in multiple regions, the next highest ranking contestant will be allowed to compete. If an event does not fill (21 slots) by this method, the event will be filled with contestants who have competed at 5 NSPRA rodeos.

The Rules Committee has clarified a contestant must have competed in the event (including the age category) at 5 NSPRA rodeos to be eligible to enter the finals.  This means 50TD, 60 TR, 40RR, etc.   If you have any questions, please call your event director, or the office at 684-9566!

If you are interested in competing at the SNFR you MUST enter even if you are not in the top 7 in a region. If you do not enter during the time entries are open, Monday September 18 and Tuesday September 19, you will not be eligible to go!!

Barrel Racing Format

The Finals Barrel Race will NOT be a 3D format.  It will be a straight pay per appropriate age group as in previous years.

Clarification of the Drop Down Rule and Awards at the Finals

Contestants will be awarded year-end saddles and world championship buckles in their appropriate age category.  In the teamed events, a contestants will be allowed to win a world championship in a lower age group, if designated before the first rodeo is entered and at least one partner is age appropriate.  Year-end saddles will only be given in each if the event director is able to get a sponsor or sponsors to cover the cost of the saddle(s) in their event.
All Around points only accumulate in the appropriate age category.

Determining Year End & World Champions

YEAR END CHAMPIONS – are determined by the highest adjusted world standing points in each age group of each event at the end of the season. These awards will be given out during the Hall of Fame banquet on Wednesday, October 4th. Saddles will only be awarded if the event director has secured sponsors for them.

WORLD CHAMPIONS – are determined by the awarded points coming into the finals, plus the points won during the finals, in each age group of each event. These awards will be given during the awards banquet after the rodeo Saturday night. In the event of a tie, the first tie breaker will be the contestant who came into the finals with the highest region standing. The second tie breaker will be the contestant placed the highest in the world standings coming into the finals.

AVERAGE WINNERS AT THE FINALS – are determined based upon times/scores at the finals and will be acknowledged during the last performance.

ALL AROUND - All Around Champions will be determined by adjusted points earned from the first rodeo of the year to the end of the SNFR in two or more events. Rule 2.6.5


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