Chuck Melin

Vice President
Bob Stoddard

Executive Board
Jimmy Nugent

Jim Wales

Butch Terrell

Alan Johnson

Brad McReynolds

Event Directors
Rough Stock Horses
Lance Miller
Bull Riding
Jim Arnold
Tie Down Roping
Savvas Halikas
Steer Wrestling
John Denson
Team Roping
Mike Brewer
Ribbon Roping
Elaine Lewis
Ladies Barrels
Marlene McGaughey
Breakaway Roping
Cindy Gruwell
Promotion Agent
Jim Nichols
Canadian Representative
Bill Reeder

NSPRA Approved Rodeos

Panguitch, UT (2)

Perf:03/24/2017 Time: 6:30 PM 
Perf(2):03/25/2017 Time: 6:30 PM 
Slack:03/24/2017 Time: 10:00 AM 
Slack(2):03/25/2017 Time: 10:00 AM 
RS Contractor:Bryce Canyon Rodeo  Phone: 435-616-4312 
TE Contractor:Bryce Canyon Rodeo  Phone: 435-616-4312 
Secretary:Jessica Miller Phone: 801-380-4565 
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:03/14/2017 Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM AZ Time 
Call Back:03/17/2017 Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM AZ Time 
Added Money:Total Added Money on 3/24/17 $1000.00 RS & SW Only BB, SB, BR, SW: $250.00; Total Added Money on 3/25/17: $1050.00 TD, RR, TR, LBR: $75.00 each age group LBRK, MBRK: $75.00  
Entry Fee:$75.00 + $20.00 Office Charge  
Other:Stock Charges: BB, SB, BR, SW, TD, BKWY: $20 TR, RR: $20 ($10 each) LBR: $15 Facility Fee: $10 (one-time) Facility and Stall Info: *Stalls: Yes $15 day *Personal/Portable Stalls: No *RV Hook-ups/Power/water: Yes $15 day *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes * Contestants allowed on grounds any time. $15 for stalls and $15 for power each day. *Directions to the arena: Triple C Arena. 89 N. Main, Panguitch, UT *Committee Contact: Lance Miller, 435-616-2282 *There are 9 total rodeos in Panguitch in 2017. There will be buckles to each age group and each event with one womenís and one menís all around buckle. The all around buckle will be awarded to the one man or woman that has accumulated the most points over the 9 rodeo/timed event/rough stock rodeos.  

High RIver, AB (3)

Perf:04/28/2017 Time: 6:30 PM 
Perf(2):04/29/2017 Time: 6:30 PM 
Perf(3):04/30/2017 Time: 2:30 PM 
Slack:04/28/2017 Time: Noon 
Slack(2):04/29/2017 Time: Noon 
Slack(3):04/30/2017 Time: 10:00 AMv
RS Contractor: Phone:  
TE Contractor: Phone:  
Secretary: Phone:  
Central Entry:  
Release Number:  
E.O.:04/18/2017 Time:  
Call Back:04/20/2017 Time:  
Added Money: 
Entry Fee: 
Other:info at 403-875-3242 

Crawford, NE (3)

Perf:08/18/2017 Time: 4:00 PM 
Perf(2):08/19/2017 Time: 4:00 PM 
Perf(3):08/20/2017 Time: 10:00 AM 
Slack:08/18/2017 Time: 10:00 AM 
Slack(2):08/19/2017 Time: 10:00 AM 
RS Contractor:Dirt Broke Rodeo Co Phone: 402-376-2852 
TE Contractor:Curt Kinghorn Phone:  
Secretary:Donna Norgard Phone: 308-430-1287 
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:08/08/2017 Time: 9:00am-4:00pm Arizona Time  
Call Back:08/11/2017 Time: 10:00pm-3:00pm Arizona Time 
Added Money:BB, SB, BR - $50 per contestant up to $300 SW - $100 TD, LBR, LBKW, MBKW, RR - $50 TR - $100  
Entry Fee:$50 plus $20 NSPRA fee 
Other:Stock Charge/Facility Fee: BB, SB, BR - $35 TD, LBKW, MBKW - $20 RR, TR - $20 ($10 per side) LBR - $5 Facility/Clean Up Fee - TBA Facility and Stall Info: *Stalls: Limited $7.50 per day *Personal/Portable Stalls: Yes *RV Hook-ups/Power/water/sewer: Limited $12 per day *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes *No reservations on electric hookups first come, first serve *No sewer hookups. RV dump available. *Additional events: team roping, breakaway, dog races, open ribbon roping (woman can rope, man can run), cowboy auction. *Panels will be set up for stalls. There are very limited electrical hookups (15), first come, first serve. Pay when you enter. Hay will be sold on grounds. Committee contact: Donna Norgard 308-430-1287  

Brooks/Silver Sage TE (2)

Perf:09/09/2017 Time: 4:00 PM 
Perf(2):09/10/2017 Time: 2:00 PM 
Slack:09/09/2017 Time: 9:00 AM 
Slack(2):09/10/2017 Time: 9:00 AM 
RS Contractor: Phone:  
TE Contractor: Phone:  
Secretary: Phone:  
Central Entry:  
Release Number:  
E.O.: Time:  
Call Back: Time:  
Added Money: 
Entry Fee: 
Other:Info @ 403-875-3242 
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