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May 2017


As we get into the busy rodeo season, be aware of the 4 Release Rule.  The NSPRA no longer has medical releases,  vet releases, or visual releases.  Read the full rule under Section 13 of the 2017 Rule Book, but the short version is this:   Every contestants is allowed 4 releases per season without being liable for their full fees.  They will, however, still owe the $20 per rodeo NSPRA Charge.  After the 4th Release during the rodeo season, a contestant who does not compete for any reason will be liable for all of their fees.   If you must release from a rodeo, or series of rodeos, we appreciate you sending a check to the National Office at your earliest convenience.  You can also call with a credit card and pay it that way!

March 2017

There is a technical issue with the Contact Information throughout the website which is preventing the information from making it to our email!  We are working on it but in the mean time, if you need to contact us you can send an email directly to us at, or you can call us at 928-684-9566.

January 2017

3D Barrel Format

In 2017, the barrel race will be ran in the same 3D format as it was in the 2016 season!

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